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"Great school, great instructors! You'd be hard-pressed to find someone as excellent as Master Kim. He's an exceptional teacher not only because of his expertise, but because of his genuine love for his students and his ability to connect with them. He embodies and demonstrates honor, respect, and humility. I have two boys in the school right now, and my two girls will probably join in the near future. They have a great group of older youth and adult classes as well."

Ken Roh

"Love Family Martial Arts both my boys attend here and they love it. The instructors are all great and Master Kim is excellent. They treat everyone like family and with so much respect I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. I highly recommend them to anyone looking. My boys have accomplished so much and I see great improvements since they have started here. I'm so happy we chose to join the FMA family."

Donna Brooks

"One of the best TaeKwonDo Masters ever!!! Master Kim is the best"

Kelli Brooks

"Family Martial Arts is a great place with beautiful people, making one great beautiful family! To Master Kim and all the wonderful instructors, thank you."

Alimayu Kenyatta Makonnen

"Great Instructors. Great environment for the whole family. Beautiful new studio."

Colleen Clancy Hassell

"Youth, Teen, Adult no matter the age TKD is good anyone. Family Martial Arts is a premier place. The staff is fantastic, friendly and top notch. Master Kim bring passion to the school for the Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do. The instructors work with each student and push them in a fun and constructive manner"

Earl B.

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